The SSNIT Mobile Service Week is back!

Published on 28 August, 2021.

The annual Social Security and National Insurance Trust (SSNIT) Mobile Service Week 2021 will take place on 30th August to 3rd September, 2021 under the theme “Retirement Security for the Self –Employed: Join SSNIT Today as a Voluntary Contributor”.

The launch of the event will be at the forecourt of the Tamale Metropolitan Assembly, in the Northern Region.

This year’s event will focus on encouraging the self-employed to contribute and enjoy the benefits the Scheme provides. Though the Basic National Social Security Scheme is opened to all workers with the exception of few who are exempted by the Law, most workers in the informal sector are not registered onto the Scheme.

By joining the SSNIT Scheme, the self-employed, like other Members, will benefit from monthly pensions during old age, an Invalidity Pension in the unfortunate event of a permanent illness or disability that prevents you from working, a Survivors’ benefit for your dependants when you pass on. There is also the added benefit of free healthcare through the National Health Insurance Scheme.

The SSNIT Mobile Service (SMS) Week creates the platform for the Trust to educate Members and the general public about their rights, responsibilities and benefits under the Scheme.

Services to be provided at the SSNIT Mobile Service will include:

•           Statement Issuance

•           Biometric Registration

•           Employer Registration

•           SSNIT and NIA Numbers Merger

•           Contact Details Update

•           Benefits Processing Initiation and Status Verification

•           Update of Nominee List

•           Submission and Validation of Contribution Reports

•           Resolution of Compliance Issues

•           Student Loan Repayment Issues

•           Renewal of Pensioner Certificates

•           General enquiries about the business and operations of SSNIT

Please note that all Covid-19 protocols will be observed. In the event where there is a suspected Covid-19 case, the Member or Client will not be allowed access to the centre.

Save the dates and be part of this experience.