What are the qualifying conditions for the Invalidity Pension?

Published on 01 December, 2015.

To qualify for invalidity pension, the member must have contributed for 12 months in aggregate within the last 36 months preceding the incidence of the invalidity. He/ She must have also been certified by a Medical Board as being incapable of any normal gainful employment due to a permanent physical or mental disability.

The invalidity pension is paid monthly to such a person who has been confirmed and certified incapable of earning an income.

Qualifying Conditions

To qualify for invalidity pension:

  • You must have made a minimum of 12 months in aggregate within the last 36 months with the date of termination of appointment due to your invalidity as the reference point.
  • You must have been declared permanently invalid and incapable of any normal gainful employment:
  • By a qualified and recognized medical officer and
  • Certified by a Regional Medical Board on which a SSNIT Medical Officer is represented.


  • Report to the nearest SSNIT Branch in person or through your representative with a Medical Report from a recognized Medical Practitioner certifying you are invalid.
  • You will be required to appear before a Medical Board for examination where your invalidity is certified by the Medical Board.