Gambian and Social Security officials confer with SSNIT Management

Published on 15 October, 2021.

An 11-member delegation from the Ministry of Finance and Economic Affairs of the Gambia has visited the Trust to familiarise itself with SSNIT’s operations, including Management Information System, regulation and policies, revenue mobilisation and investment.

The delegation, which was on a week’s study-tour of Ghana’s Finance Ministry to share experiences and build their capacities in public policy, planning, economic reform processes, financial Management, domestic resource mobilisation, and private sector investment, met some members of the SSNIT Management Team at Pension House, Accra on 15th October 2021. 

The Deputy Director-General, Finance, and Administration, Mr. Michael Addo, received the representatives on behalf of the Director-General.

Mr. Addo explained that the operations of the Trust are governed mainly by the National Pensions Act, 2008 (Act 766).

“One helpful thing we’ve maintained is that we do everything on our National Pensions’ Act, as promulgated by our parliament. What we do, how often we meet, what to pay, whom to pay, how and when to pay the person, are all determined by the Act”, he added.

He said the Trust has little to no room to manoeuvre, and when problems arise in the daily discharge of duties, Management refers to the National Pensions Act, 2008, Act 766.

“Thus, for us, the room for discretion is minimal, which is good because when allowed so much discretion, avoidable problems arise.  Resorting to the Act ensures that if anything goes wrong, the Act steps in as a neutral ‘person’ to resolve all disputes.”

Mr. Addo encouraged the Gambians to tap into the in-house human resource of SSNIT since most of the staff are gifted and skilled beyond the average.

He said the MIS Division maintains a comprehensive database that reflects all activities and operations of the Trust.

The Gambian Social Security and National Housing Finance Corporation’s Managing Director, Mr. Abdoulie Tambedou said the Gambia and Ghana Finance Ministries have a long-standing relationship. He said that the relationship informed the visit of the Gambians to the country.  

“Since our arrival, we’ve met some institutions and brainstormed on matters ranging from budget preparation and implementation, debt management strategies and financing, the Ghana COVID-19 Alleviation and Revitalisation of Enterprises Support  Programme, as well as discussions on revenue mobilisation,” he said.

 Mr. Tambedou said the knowledge gained will be used to strengthen the Gambian Finance Ministry and its institutions.

The Director of the Gambian National Authorizing Officer Support Unit (NAOSU), Mr. Malang Nyass, sought to know more about the computerisation of Social Security Management Informations Systems.

“We’re looking forward to learning from you, how to computerise Social Security, Management Information System as well as listen to you, some of the regulations and policies you’ve adopted around contributions and benefits payments that have helped you with the sustainability of the scheme,” Mr. Nyass said.

The SSNIT Team included the General Manager, Benefits, Mr. Robert Owusu-Sekyere, and IT Infrastructure Manager, Mr. Richard Nunoo.