Students Loan

Ghanaian students offered admission in:

  • approved tertiary institutions; and
  • pursuing approved courses.


The Ministry of Education from time to time determines and approves Tertiary Institutions to be covered under the Scheme. These currently include the Universities, Polytechnics and some Specialised Institutions.


Collection of Loan Application Documents

The Loan Application Documents could be obtained from the nearest SSNIT District Office. Newly admitted students are required to produce Admission Letters; while continuing students applying for the first time or otherwise will be required to produce valid Student Identity Cards. Applicants are also required to produce valid Social Security Numbers before the Documents could be collected


(a) Valid Social Security Number
All Loan applicants are expected to possess valid Social Security Numbers.
Prospective students without Social Security Numbers are required to contact the nearest SSNIT District Office with evidence of birth (eg. Birth/Baptismal Certificate) to be issued with Social Security Numbers.

(b) Guarantors Endorsement
Three (3) guarantors shall be required to endorse (sign and thumbprint) the duly completed loan documents. The thumb-printing shall be done at the nearest SSNIT District Office during working hours. Guarantors and the respective students must personally know each other.

(c) Active Bank Account
Loan applicants shall be required to operate an active bank account with any bank of their choice around their campuses and indicate their valid account numbers on their loan application forms.

(d) Institutional Endorsement
Appropriate authorities of the respective institutions, (as indicated on the application form) shall authenticate the completed application form with name, signature and stamp.

(e) Passport-sized Photographs
First time applicants shall be required to attach two (2) duly endorsed recent passport-sized photographs, to the completed application form before submission.

Submission of Completed Application Form

Each applicant is required to submit all duly completed Loan Application Documents to designated SSNIT District Offices assigned to their respective Institutions not later than two (2)months after the academic year has begun.